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Reception Office
Airport call center
Human Resources Department
Baggage Room
Quality Management and Flight Safety Department
Regarding the issues of the rendered services quality.
International Business Department
Regarding the issues of concluding long-term aircraft ground handling agreements.
Mutual Settlements Bureau
Regarding the issues of concluding a one-time aircraft ground handling agreement.
Catering Service
Regarding the issues of: flight catering provision; service at business lounges; public catering services; goods sales at retail facilities.
Управление кибербезопасности и информационных технологий
по вопросам обработки и защиты персональных данных
Transport and Logistics Centre
For information about cargo arrival and concluding a one-time agreement for cargo storage at the temporary storage warehouse of the cargo terminal.
Cargo Transportation Sales and Customs Clearance Group
Information agents. Cargo customs clearance specialists (for concluding a one-time agreement for performing customs operations as a customs agent).
Contractual Work Service
Kosyakov Aleksey Sergeyevich
Contractual Work Department
Malinovskaya Ekaterina Victorovna
Rental and Other Services Department
Advertising Department
Advertising Department