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Voluntary insurance against accidents and illnesses

for the period of travel abroad


Outside Belarus medical services are not free of charge. Sometimes the cost of treatment may be more expensive than the purchased ticket. Insurance policy "Voluntary insurance against accidents and illnesses for the period of travel abroad" gives you a guarantee to avoid such kind of trouble.

The insurance fee depends on the country and the number of days of stay.


Attention! Payment shall be made in Belarusian rubles at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.


Additional discounts are applied to:

  • repeat application;
  • insurance for children under 16;
  • simultaneous insurance of a group over 10 persons;
  • full-time students of higher education institutions and international drivers.

In the insured event you should immediately (before going to the doctor) call on aid Belgosstrakh’s representative abroad by the contact numbers listed in the certificate of insurance. Remember that a timely appeal to the insurance company guarantees the payment of insurance coverage.


In case of contacting us it is necessary for you to report:

1.     Number of certificate of insurance of the insured person.

2.     Full name, age of the insured person.

3.     The insurance agreement period of validity.

4.     Contact telephones of the insured person.

5.     Accident and kind of assistance needed.

Telephone calls are paid by the insurance company upon the presentation of relevant bills.

If the insured person is unable to contact the representative, the costs for emergency and medical aid can be compensated.


In this case, the insured person must obligatory provide:

1.     The original document confirming the fact of application for aid and the date of medical aid request, the patient's second name, the diagnosis, the list of the rendered services, the total amount for payment.

2.     Original recipes for medicines prescribed by a physician in connection with the disease. The patient's second name, the cost of the pharmacy drugs must be specified on prescriptions, there should be a drugstore stamp.

3.     Original documents confirming the payment for treatment, medicines and other services (stamp or receipt, cash receipt).


Please, contact theTourism Department of RUE “National airport Minsk” for more detailed information:

Tel: Gate 3-4: (+375 17) 279 23 05, (+375 33) 901 17 19;

                                        Gate 5-6: (+375 17) 279 17 48, (+375 33) 901 17 18.
Fax: (+375 17) 279 23 05.