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Obligatory civil liability insurance of motorists

in the territory of the Republic of Belarus


The Tourism Department of RUE "National Airport Minsk" provides obligatory civil liability insurance of motorists (individuals and legal entities). The insured event is the fact that inflection of harm to life, health or property as a result of road accident in this connection payment of insurance reimbursing within a responsibility limit is provided.

Amount of the insurance reimbursing is set differently according to the technical characteristics of the transport and the terms of insurance. Discounts applied during the accident-free usage of the transport during the previous period of insurance and in case of concluding a one-year agreement, regardless of continuity of insurance.


Please, contact the Tourism Department of RUE “National airport Minsk” for more detailed information:

Tel: Gate 3-4: (+375 17) 279 23 05, (+375 33) 901 17 19;

                                        Gate 5-6: (+375 17) 279 17 48, (+375 33) 901 17 18.
Fax: (+375 17) 279 23 05.