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Arkia Israeli Airlines will come to Belarus

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The new carrier Arkia Israeli Airlines will come to the travel market of the Republic of Belarus on the 18th of April 2016.

Our citizens will be able to use regular services and flights to Tel-Aviv (airport Ben Gurion) with the possibility of further connections with internal flights to Eilat and Haifa. Arkia is the second-largest airline of Israel based in 1950 for operating the flights from South to North of the country. More than 1 600 000 passengers were carried by the airline on domestic and international flights in 2016. The commercial interests of the airline appeared in more than 34 countries. The airline has 2 BOEING 757-300, 2 Embraer 195 and 190, 5 ATR-72 in fleet and expects 4 Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) and 4 Airbus 321 NEO in 2017.

Arkia is present in all the world systems of global reservations (GDS). Over the last years the company has been extending its business options and nowadays they include the inbound tourism, aircraft maintenance services and ground handling for foreign airlines. Among the competitive advantages of Arkia on Belarusian market several benefits can be extracted, namely, first of all, the new equipment, reasonable ticket prices, convenient departure and arrival time, the high quality of Israeli service, its flavour and hospitality. Yearly more than 35 000 passengers fly from Minsk to Tel-Aviv for the purposes of recreation, health improvement, religious, family and other purposes.

Arkia renders the tourist services, therefore you can find at and the advanced information technologies on booking of tickets, hotels, tour packages and other related services in Israel and around the world.
The representative of Arkia Evgeny Koltun has reported that "Our aim is to propose the flights to Israel and within Israel, quality service and reasonable prices for Belarusian tourism market, for relatives and friends.
We offer the convenient timetable for one of the most popular types of trips - weekend trips - from Friday to Monday, and connection flights to the Red Sea in Eilat. We hope that it will contribute to strengthening the business, cultural and touristic ties between our states enough already".