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National Airport Minsk has won the competition “The best airport of CIS countries” for 2013.

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National Airport Minsk has won the competition “The best airport of CIS countries” for 2013, which is annually organized by Civil Aviation Association of CIS countries “Airport”.

National Airport Minsk is a member of Civil Aviation Association “Airport” since 1997 and participates in competition “The best airport of CIS countries” every year.

In 2009 National Airport Minsk won the award “The prospectively growing airport”.

In 2014 the airport data have been sent to the Community board of Association for participation in the competition. RUE “National Airport Minsk” has been recognized “The best airport of CIS countries” by the Community board of Civil Aviation Association “Airport”.

For participation in competition the specialists of the enterprise have prepared overview of the activities of RUE “National Airport Minsk”, including company brief history and its characteristics, description of works and services, technologies and new types of services, management systems, achievements and awards in the field of quality.

The solemn awarding ceremony for the winners of competition “The best airport of CIS countries” was held on 27th May 2014 in hotel “Novotel – Sheremetyevo”. Deputy Managing Director on operations of  RUE “National Airport Minsk” Vasili Kornev was presented with Winner Cup and Honorary Certificate of Civil Aviation Association “Airport”.

By means of winning in the competition “The best airport of CIS countries”, National Airport Minsk has taken acknowledgment of high results in operations and significant contribution to the development of civil aviation. The winning in this competition will increase the airport standing with aviation community, enhance patriotism and sense of pride in belonging to Civil Aviation of the Republic of Belarus.


Civil Aviation Association “Airport” was established on 18th December 1990. It is a non-governmental non-commercial organization, which was founded for coordination of member’s actions, improvement their business opportunities, for representation and protection of their interests.

Object of Association’s activity is a provision of complex services connected with analysis, application and implementation of global experience to airport activities and connected infrastructure on CIS countries