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on the territory of the Airport


Advertising at the Airport has many advantages. It is available to consumers 24/7, without lunch breaks, in any time of a year. It has been calculated that a person passing by car would pay attention to a billboard no more than for 2 seconds. At the Airport this figure is at least 15 seconds.



Therefore an efficient selection of advertising space implemented for you by the specialists of Advertising Department of National Airport Minsk will assist you in achieving a high response from your clients.


At the moment we are ready to offer you a wide range of advertising opportunities starting from traditional advertising structures to promotional activities that will allow to achieve the desired goals quickly and efficiently.



Advertising placement options:   

- on light boxes and columns;
- on glass partitions;

- on baggage trolleys;

- on billboards and other types of outdoor advertising structures (in the landside area);
- by means of broadcasting video ads at the screens in concourses and lounges. 


And also:

- booklets, magazines and other advertising products distribution;

- zone branding;

- other types of promotional activities agreed with the Airport Management.



Conditions of advertising:

• Guarantee letter for advertising;

• Sketch.


Advertising placement conditions:


• A guarantee letter for advertising placement (The sample of a guarantee letter for advertising placement, the sample of a guarantee letter for advertising products placement);


• Provide an agreed draft in hard copy.


The terms of works implementation (installation, plot replacement, maintenance and dismantlement of advertising hardware)


The procedure of applications submission for organizing photo and video shootings on a commercial basis


Shooting commercials, episodes of feature films at the Airport facilities is conducted on a contractual basis.


Shootings implementation value is determined by a current price list, after which with an applicant organization planning shootings an agreement is concluded and an invoice is issued.


For organizing shootings on a commercial basis  it is required to submit an application to the attention of Managing Director of RUE "National Airport Minsk" in electronic format on a letterhead of a legal entity to the reception address or by fax +375 17 279 17 68.


In case shootings have not been implemented due to the fault of an applicant organization or have been implemented in shorter terms than initially planned, the amount paid shall not be refunded to an applicant organization.


Attention! The Security Service of National Airport Minsk retains the right to bar from carrying out shootings without any explanation.


• A guarantee letter for shootings implementation (Sample)

• A deadline for guarantee letters submission is 10 working days before a planned day of shootings implementation.


Working hours of Advertising Department:

Monday - Thursday from 8:40 to 17:20

Friday – from 8:40 to 16:05.

Lunch break from 13:00 to 13:25.


If you have any questions, please call:

tel./ fax +375 17 279 25 62.