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Booking a car at the pavilions of National Airport Minsk is the guarantee of quality and safety of your trip.

Booking a taxi outside touristic pavilions is out of airport’s authority responsibility.

Please, use the services of official carriers of National Airport Minsk.



The distance from National Airport Minsk to the Minsk city center is 50 km. 
You can reach Minsk by the following vehicle types:
On the day of service rendering you can order transfer service from the Airport to Minsk: 
- On the first floor of National Airport Minsk, terminal sectors 3-4 and 5-6
- Via phone
- On-line via airport’s web-site
Within a few days before service rendering 
- On-line via airport’s web-site
(The guarantee of advanced booking of transfer is sending the form via e-mail or online ordering  via airport’s web-site. An agent will send you booking confirmation after receiving the form).