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Physically Challenged Passengers


Transportation that requires special conditions (transportation in a stretcher, the necessity of special medical equipment etc.) must be agreed with the carrier in advance. The final decision about the possibility of the transportation of a passenger with disabilities will be made by an airline representative.



The conditions of transportation of passengers with disabilities:


- the health status of a passenger does not threaten the safety of the passenger and other persons (the status must be confirmed with medical documents), does not create chaos and unavoidable inconveniences for other persons;


- the availability of a medical document of  specified form signed by the doctor in charge that confirms the possibility of an air transportation;


- pregnant women must have a medical document of the date that does not exceed 7 days before the transportation; pregnancy duration must not exceed 35 weeks as of the day of transportation (if the duration is more than the stated pregnancy duration, the transportation is allowed only according to a special medical permission and must be accompanied by a doctor or a medical worker);


- a blind or/and deaf passenger must be accompanied by during the transportation or he can be transported without escort under the care of the carrier if such transportation is provided for by the carrier’s rules. A blind passenger may be accompanied by a seeing-eye dog during the transportation by agreement with the carrier. In this case, the passenger must present a document that confirms his disability and a document that confirms that a seeing-eye dog has passed the special training. A seeing-eye dog that accompanies a blind passenger is transported free of charge. A seeing-eye dog must have a collar, a muzzle and must be tied to a seat at the feet of the escorted passenger;


- if a passenger requires special service during the transportation he can be transported with an accompanying person only.



RUE “National Airport Minsk” has the following equipment for handling of passengers with disabilities:


1. Specially assigned and marked car parking places in the territory near the terminal (in front of Gates 5-6), as well as in the paid guarded parking. There are also specially assigned places for boarding/drop-off of such passengers in front of each gate on the overpass. 

For disabled passengers


First 4 hours of parking a vehicle is free of charge for following categories of visitors:

-  disabled persons of group I, II;

-  drivers, transporting disabled persons of group I, II or disabled children;

-  disabled persons of group III with muscle-skeleton disorder;

-  drivers, transporting disabled persons of group III with muscle-skeleton disorder;

-  participants of the Great Patriotic War;

-  veterans of military operations on the territory of other states.


*with compulsory submission of relevant documents


Documents are presented to a controller in the pavilion on entrance into parking.

Administrator: +375 (33) 300 10 19, +375 (33) 629 57 55


2. Specially equipped toilets:


- on the ground floor in the arrival area (Gate 6, near the baggage claim zone; Gate 4 before the border control points; Gates 5-6 (passenger meeting zone on the ground floor near the bar “Meridian”);


- on the second floor in the departure area (Gate 4А in the waiting room; Gate 6 – departure hall).


3. Wheelchairs for passengers handling in the air terminal complex and aircraft:


- a folding wheelchair AMWC18RAEL with hand drive, detachable armrests  and adjustable incline of detachable footboards (made in the USA);


- S-max wheelchair (made in Great Britain). Stairs, borders and other thresholds and obstacles will not become  a surprise for you and won’t spoil your trip. This wheelchair will ease the lifting and lowering of a passengers up/down the steps.





Airport staff will:


- assist to arriving/departing passengers with disabilities 24/7;


- arrange the provision of a wheelchair;


- escort a passenger;


- assist during the border and customs control and other formalities;


- arrange the provision of medical transport for the transporting of the passenger to the aircraft;


- assist during the boarding aircraft;


- monitor the right check-in of the passenger’s baggage.



We recommend you to inform a sales manager of a chosen airline about the necessity of special assistance during the flight, when buying a ticket.



Airport information service: (+375 17) 279 13 00, (+375 17) 279 17 30


Have a pleasant flight!