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In order to protect you during your flight you will be asked to pass the security control performed by National Airport Minsk aviation security service at the airport.


Security control of passengers flying to the Russian Federation takes place in points E, F.  Passengers of international flights should pass the security control in points A, B.


Security control of passengers, their baggage and cabin baggage is performed with the use of technical and special means as well as hand search.


Passengers refusing to pass security control are not allowed on board.


While passing security control a passenger should provide all belongings for inspection by technical means (endoscope). It includes outerwear, shoes, belts, keys, cigarettes, cigarette cases, mobile phones, etc. A passenger should pass through walk-through metal detector, or enter scanning system.


Passengers having implanted apparatus, stimulating heart activities, are exposed to a hand search and (or) personal (individual) inspection without the use of technical means.


Dear passengers!


Please note, that dangerous items and substances listed below are prohibited for carriage as a baggage:


·       explosives;

·       compressed and liquefied gases;

·       flammable liquids and solids;

·       radioactive materials;

·       oxidizers and peroxides, bleaches;

·       poisonous and toxic substances;

·       acidic and corrosive substances.


In addition to the above mentioned items, passengers may not carry piercing and cutting items as well as liquids (gels, aerosols, creams), in containers the volume of which exceeds 100 ml in their cabin baggage. Total volume of transported liquids should be no more than one liter.


You may be acquainted with the detailed list of items and substances prohibited for carriage in the aircraft cabin and in the cabin baggage.


The airport authority and airlines may decide on introduction of additional measures to ensure aviation security.


For facilitation of passing security checkpoints, passengers should:

- present all liquids to the inspector of the security control;

- remove outerwear, which has to be checked separately during the security check;

- take out of cabin baggage and switch on laptops and other electric/electronic devices, which are inspected separately.



- pack liquids, aerosols, gels in bags that you check-in (restrictions are applied only for the cabin baggage);

- carry in your cabin baggage medicines and dietary requirements, including baby foods, if you need to use them during the flight. You may be asked for a proof that they are needed;

- buy liquids, aerosols and gels either in the airport shops located beyond the point where you show your boarding pass or on-board of an aircraft.  If goods are packed in a special sealed bag do not unpack them until the end of your flight. If you are a transfer passenger do not unpack the bag until the examination at transfer airports up to your final destination.




Passengers of an aircraft are prohibited to take suitcases, parcels and other items from strangers for transportation on board of an aircraft, or for temporary storage in the waiting rooms and on the surrounding area.


Please, be polite and cooperate with the security staff of the airport. YOUR SAFETY IS THEIR JOB.