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On June 20th, 2012 at 10 AM comprehensive emergency training exercises in case of aircraft emergency landing will be held at Minsk National Airport

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According to exercises marginal data Tu-154 aircraft is planning nose wheels-up emergency landing… 72 passengers and 6 crew members will be on the board aircraft. In that connection airport crash-rescue crew in cooperation with the operational groups of state governing bodies will have to take all necessary measures for elimination of accident consequences in minutes. Fire extinguishing as well as passenger evacuation, first medical and psychological aiding to victims, transportation of escaped injury people to the special Reconditioning Center, discharging and security organization of passengers’ luggage and personal property, immovable aircraft evacuation from the airfield will be fulfilled by the airport personnel during exercises.


In all, about 80 people and about 20 units of machinery will be involved in the training rescue activity.