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Dear car owners!


We inform you about the new rules of entry & exit of vehicles to/from the landside area

In order to enhance the aviation security in connection with the international situation and growth of transit flow through our country, to make you stay at the monitored area of the landside of air-terminal complex (hereinafter – MALS ATC) more comfortable, to allocate the traffic at MALS ATC and its unclogging from traffic and free passage of public transport, as well as to locate the movement of taxis, the rules of staying at MALS ATC have been changed:
if you are entering MALS ATC for the first or second time, you are provided with 20 free min of non-chargeable stay. Further stays at MALS ATC within the calendar day are charged from the moment of entering MALS ATC.
Every hour at MALS ATC is charged in the amount of 10,00 BYN in case of exceeding the payless time limit. You can pay for the service in automated machines as well as in booths at exit points. Part hour of stay in the monitored area is charged as a full hour.
TO EXIT THE CONTROLLED AREA WITHOUT PAY it is strongly recommended not to exceed the time limit and leave MALS ATC before the expiry of the first 20 minutes and not to enter MALS ATC more than 2 times within 1 calendar day.
To enter the monitored area, you should:
1. Press the “TICKET” button on the automated stall.
2. Get a ticket with a barcode
3. Wait until the boom is opened fully and enter the controlled area.
To exit the MONITORED area, you should:
1. Insert the ticket with the barcode in the intake slot of the automated booth, or put it before scanner.
2. Wait until the information is read and withdraw the ticket from the intake.
3. In case of exceeding the limit (20 minutes) or in case of third and following visit to the monitored area during one calendar day you should pay for your stay at the MALS ATC.
4. Wait until the auto barrier is opened fully and exit the controlled area.
5. If necessary, press the «HELP» button and wait for the response of the operator to get the support information or use the phone number highlight at the stand (automated cash desk).
Only the banknotes of year 2009 in the amount from 50 cents to 100 Belarusian rubles are accepted by automatic pay desks. Automatic pay desks are situated at the landside area and are meant for self serves payment for the stay at MALS ATC. In order to pay by bank card, please address the controller of parking in the pavilion at the exit of MALS ATC.
Dear drivers!
Please check the speed of your vehicles in accordance with the road signs and traffic rules of the Republic of Belarus at the entrance to the automated control system of vehicles entry / exit.
Failing to comply with these conditions may lead to an accident and damage of your vehicle.
May we remind you that for the convenience of the passengers paid guarded parking lot is arranged at the landside area of National Airport Minsk. Please do not confuse
ATTENTION! Entry to the guarded paid parking is located directly in front of the barrier of automated transport entry/exit control system to the landside area.