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A trip by plane without visiting the airline office or travel office is becoming common practice. The E-ticket technology appeared in the USA in 1996. Beginning from the year of 2008 all the IATA (International Air Transport Association) members are obliged to use electronic tickets only. The introduction of E-tickets isn’t possible for all the directions. The matter is that not all the countries have an automatic passengers’ registration system, so they do not sell E-tickets.


The E-ticket is a document confirming the passenger and air baggage transportation contract between airlines and a passenger. The E-ticket is not issued directly to a passenger. It is stored in the shape of an electronic record in the airlines’ computer system. This way of documentation of the booking and transportation control doesn’t demand the drawing up of a paper ticket.



The advantages of E-ticket:

     - E-ticket saves your time both while purchasing, the check-in and during the flight;
     - to check in it’s enough to have the passport when you have E-ticket;
     - E-ticket can not be forgotten, lost or stolen;
     - you save your money as there is no need to pay for a paper form used for usual tickets. The cost of the paper form is about 15 EURO;
     - there is possibility to buy E-ticket for your relatives or friends, who stay in a foreign city.



Payment for E-Ticket


E-ticket can be paid for by any way you like: with a credit card, in cash or non-cash payment. If you need to return money for the E-ticket you should apply to the booking office of the airline you have chosen.



Confirmation of E-ticket purchase


As a confirmation of the purchase of the E-ticket a ticket receipt (or flight confirmation) is sent to the e-mail address which was specified while purchasing E-ticket or when paying for tickets.


Ticket receipt (flight confirmation) is convenient as it contains full information about the flight, type and payment details, likewise a paper ticket. We recommend you to keep the receipt during the trip.


Changing the route on the E-ticket


Apply to the booking office of the airlines to change the route on the E-ticket.