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Cargo Complex




The cargo complex is a structural subdivision of Minsk National Airport. It has storehouses with a total area of 3470 sq. m. including:
- storage-docks with the area of 2300 sq. m. for temporary storage of cargo that doesn’t require a special storage procedure;
- storage-dock with the area of 360 sq. m. for storing in customs warehouse condition;
- storage-dock in area of 360 sq. m. for non-customs cargo storage. Such cargoes are transferred within the bounds of the Customs Union of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation and they don’t require a special storage procedure;
- storage-dock with the area of 90 sq. m. with leaden containers for storage of packages with ionizing radiation sources of Ι, ΙΙ, ΙΙΙ transport categories;
- three refrigerator compartments with the area of 230 sq. m. for thermomobile cargoes storage in the temperature range +2 to +8 °C;
- storage-dock with the area of 90 sq. m. for dangerous cargo storage;
- warehouse with the area of 40 sq. m. for valuable cargoes and weapons.


Cargo complex offers opportunities for storing of means of transport and goods which are in transport facilities at the temporary cargo storehouse. It has the area of 1500 sq. m.


The cargo handling is performed by qualified employees with mechanized means allowing to make measurements within the score of 0.5 g.-2 t.


Customs agents perform the total complex of cargo customs clearance at the cargo complex office building.


In 2012, 9 821.6 thousand tones of cargo were processed.


Over period of 6 months of 2013 5035,2 tons of cargo and mail were processed at the cargo complex.



The amount of handled cargo, tons
The cargo complex work hours – 24/7.

The release of cargo: 09.30 a.m. - 08.30 p.m.

Technological breaks: 01.00 p.m. -02.00 p.m.; 06.00 p.m. - 06.30 p.m.