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Rules of transportation


There are two types of baggage: unchecked baggage (cabin baggage) that you take with you to the cabin, and checked baggage that is transported in the baggage compartment of the plane.


Rules of baggage and cabin baggage carriage are set by the airline and can depend on the direction.


Please note, that passengers are prohibited to carry dangerous items and substances listed below as a baggage:

• explosives;

• compressed and liquefied gases;

• flammable liquids and solids;

• radioactive materials;

• oxidizers and peroxides, bleaches;

• poisonous and toxic substances;

• acidic and corrosive substances.


In addition to the above, passengers may not carry piercing and cutting items as well as liquids (gels, aerosols, creams), with the volume of containers exceeding 100 ml in their cabin baggage. Total volume of transported liquids should be no more than one liter.