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There are baggage wrapping and storage services at Minsk National Airport.


When departing from Minsk National Airport we recommend you to be aware of the baggage carriage rules. Special requirements are applied to excess and oversized baggage as well as the transportation of animals and plants.


On arriving to Minsk National Airport check that you’ve got YOUR baggage. Check the number on the baggage tag with the number on the boarding pass in your ticket. Check your baggage for damage. If your baggage is not arrived or damaged you should address to the special service.


In all departure zones of the airport terminal of Minsk National Airport you may use baggage trolleys for FREE. In order to activate the baggage trolley you should push the handle down.




Wrapping the baggage

Mobile baggage wrapping counters are in front of check-in desks on the 2nd  floor of the airport terminal.

Working hours – 24/7.


Price for wrapping is 100,000 BYR per unit (valid from the 1st of March, 2013).




Storage rooms

Storage rooms are on the underground floor at gate 6 of the airport terminal.

Working hours – 24/7. Tel: (+375 17) 279 10 53.



Tariffs for the baggage storage at the storage rooms

Up to 50 kg

20 000 BYR

From 50 kg up to 100 kg

30 000 BYR

Oversized baggage

40 000 BYR



1. Cash payment is accepted in Belarusian rubles only.
2. The tariffs include VAT at the amount of 20 %.
3. The total amount of payment for provided services is charged in foreign currency and is rounded down to even (less than 0.5) and rounded up (more than 0.5).


Excess and oversized baggage

If your baggage exceeds the standard set by the airline you need to pay extra payment at the airline  booking-office according to the fixed tariff at the airline's boking office.



You pay for exceeding the standard weight according to the rates set by the airline performing the  transportation. You get a baggage paid receipt as a confirmation of payment.


The transportation of oversized baggage is paid for in accordance with its actual weight.




Animals and plants

If you’re transporting animals or plants you are to pass through  the veterinary or phyto control and become familiar with the requirements for transportation of such a kind of baggage in the sales office of your airline.




Not arrived or damaged baggage

If your baggage hasn’t arrived or is damaged upon arrival, please, address to the baggage controller in the baggage claim area or to the agent of your airline.


For additional information apply to the baggage processing group by (+375 17) 279 17 52 and to your airline office.