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Quality Management System


      Administration of RUE "Minsk National Airport" fully understands the importance of the implementation and certification of the international management systems in the international activities of our company. This is done to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise and its promotion to the international market of aviation services.

Since 2005, our company has started work on a phased development and implementation of quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. At the same time it was determined the distribution area of the system. It includes:

  • aircraft ramp servicing;
  • passenger/baggage servicing on arrival/departure;
  • cargo handling;
  • catering provision;
  • radio support of flights;
  • lightning-and-technical support of flights;
  • airfield support of flights;
  • special-transport support of flights;
  • rescue and fire-prevention support of flights;
  • ensuring of aviation security and regularity of flights.  


     In the 2007 audit, organized by the international organization that certifies management systems, confirmed the compliance of the quality management system in our company to the international standard ISO 9001. RUE "Minsk National Airport" received a certificate of conformity, according to which the quality management system of our company complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. Every year, our company confirms the previously issued certificate of conformity. We are constantly improving our enterprise management system. As part of the quality management system, we have developed the standards applied in the enterprise. Management processes are fully documented. Our specialists are organizes an internal audit of the company. We are constantly improving the management system in our company in order to increase the satisfaction and trust of consumers of aviation services.

In addition to the international standard ISO 9001, our company has introduced other management systems that meet international standards: an environmental management system (ISO 14001), the system of food safety management (ISO 22000), occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS 18001).


       It should be noted that the main advantage of certified management systems are:


  • to increase consumer confidence to the aviation services in the Republic of Belarus and in the international markets;
  • ability to identify and eliminate the problems of the organization of professional activities of the enterprise;
  • opportunity to reduce the number of complaints about the quality of our work and to increase the number of positive reviews;
  • opportunity to raise the level of corporate culture of service consumers of aviation services.


       Many years of successful work in the aviation market of Belarus allows us to proudly say that RUE "Minsk National Airport" is a quality that is always on top flight!