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Public Reception Room


The higher authority of RUE ″ National Airport Minsk ″ is the Department of Aviation (220029, Minsk, Chicherina str., 21, tel. +375 17 334 11 52, working hours – Mon.-Fri. 09:00-18:00) of the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus (220029, Minsk, Chicherina str., 21, tel. +375 17 334 11 52, working hours – Mon.-Fri. 9:00-18:00).



of private recept of citizens and legal bodies
by management of RUE ″Minsk National Airport″


Title, Name

Visiting days

Visiting hours

(Reception Room)

Managing Director
Melikian Dmitry Shalikovich

first and third Wednesday of a month




Preliminary making an appointment with Managing Director of RUE ″National Airport Minsk″ Melikian D.Sh. is carried out at Reception Room and by phone +375 17 279 14 36 (Mon.-Thu. 08:40-17:20, Fri. 08:40-16:05, lunch time 13:00-13:25).


Nationals can leave their comments and offers on ″hot line″ phone number +375 17 279 14 36 (Mon.-Thu.: 08:40-17:20, Fri.: 08:40-16:05, break: 13:00-13:25). The responsible for nationals’ applications – secretary-reviewer Elena Mikhovich.



There are also ″direct phone lines″ for efficient and qualitative response of executives to nationals’ questions at RUE ″National Airport Minsk″.


-      +375 17 279 13 18 (the 3rd Wed. of a month: 15:00-16:00) with Paley Viktor Vladimirovich, Deputy Managing Director on general questions and personnel operation;
-      +375 17 279 10 79 (the 2nd Tue. of a month: 11:00-12:00) with Ivanov Viktor Vladimirovich, Assistant to Managing Director;
-      +375 17 279 14 51 (the 1st Thu. of a month: 11:00-12:00) with Ryabcev Igor Zaharovich, Chief Accountant;
-      +375 17 279 13 99 (the 4th Mon. of a month: 14:00-15:00) with Schastny Nikolay Borisovich, Chief Economist.



The responsibility for conducting and storage of Comments and Suggestions Book of RUE ″National Airport Minsk″ carries a head of airport shift – tel. +375 17 279 11 22.



The trust line on questions of corruption in aviation sphere +375 17 279 15 38 works at RUE ″National Airport Minsk″. Responsible for citizens access – Chief Aviation Security Officer Apet Aleksandr Konstantinovich.


Resolution of the trust linesetting up was made by the commission of RUE ″National Airport Minsk″ for corruption prevent in accordance with the developed improvement plan on corruption prevent in civil aviation organizations. Everyone who has dependable news about public officer delict that is connect with bribery, abuse of power can contribute in struggle against this social defect that is inadmissible in civilized society. Employees of aviation organizations and also citizens who face the corruption in aviation organizations can use the trust line.



In addition, you can send your information by e-mail