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Airport History


In 1977 in the environs of the Belarusian capital the building of the new airport "Minsk-2" was begun. In 1979 the new runway 3640 m long and 60 m wide was put into operation. In 1981 the airdrome "Minsk-2" was already able to handle aircrafts in 1982 the airport was opened. The first passenger flight was operated on the plane TU-134 under the direction of the crew commander Vasiliy A. Tolstik. 11 years later the airport was completely built. The terminal of the unique architectural project with the carrying capacity – 5,8 million passengers a year was put into operation.




                                                                           The building of the air terminal complex




                                                                                   The first buildings of the airport



The regular flights began from 1983, in 1990 the passenger traffic reached 2,2 million of passengers. But from 1991 the unexpected decrease of the flights began. That took place because of the USSR’s collapse and other changes caused by this historical event. In 1997 the number of the attended passengers was 516 thousand, in 1998 –  480 thousand, in 2000 – only 400 thousand people.


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the first million passengers was handled by Minsk National Airport in 2008. Due to the substantial growth in passenger traffic 2008 became a significant mark for the airport.


In 2000 RUE "Minsk National Airport" became a legal successor of the independent enterprise "Airport Minsk-2". At the same time the up-to-date "Siemens" lamp signaling equipment for the take-off and landing strip was put into commission. The equipment made it possible to make landing of the aircraft according to the 2nd ICAO category. The flights are controlled by highly qualified air traffic control officers with the help of the automatic system of the air traffic management "SintezАР2" with the highest level of automation (MONA, SNET, MTSD). The system meets the requirements of  EUROCONTROL.


In recent years, the RUE "National Airport Minsk" has won a number of awards in the field of quality:

- Award of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality for 2009;

- Award for "The Best Organization of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus in the field of quality for 2011“ in "The Best Air Transport Organization in the Field of Quality" category.


In 2013, the aviation security instructors of National Airport Minsk received certificates of the ICAO Regional Office.




On November 21, 2013 National Airport Minsk met the year’s two millionth passenger. Such an impressive result in the company's history last time was achieved in the Soviet times.




On December 30, 2014 an important event in the life of National Airport Minsk occurred – the reconstruction of the airport terminal was completed.



In May 2015, the Annual General Meeting of the International Airports Association took place. As a result, RUE National Airport Minsk became a member of the International Airports Association.

On May 15, 2015 International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has certified training center in the field of aviation security of RUE National Airport Minsk as the ICAO Aviation Security Training Center with a certificate of assignment of this status.

In September 2015, RUE National Airport Minsk has received an official certificate of awarding of a "4 star" rating by industry agency "AviaPort" (Russian Federation) which had conducted a study 32 airports of the Russian Federation regions and the Republic of Belarus.

On October 13, 2015 at National Airport Minsk the grand opening of the ICAO Training Center took place with the participation of representatives from ICAO Headquarters (Canada), ICAO Regional Office (France), the heads of aviation administrations and heads of similar centers of the European and North Atlantic regions, representatives of ministries, heads of aviation organizations and security services of Belarus.