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About Airport


Minsk National Airport is the main air gateway to the Republic of Belarus and occupies an advantageous geographical location as it is situated at the intersection of the biggest main lines connecting the Western Europe with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The airport is a member of Airports Council International and the Airport Association of CIS Civil Aviation.


There is 1 operative runway, the length is 3641 m (CAT II) that allows accepting all types of aircrafts for 24 hours and one Terminal with a capacity of 3,6 million passengers per year in Minsk National Airport.


Minsk National Airport has got the certificates according to four Systems of Quality Management. The quality management system of the airport was certified for the compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


In December 2011 RUE «National Airport Minsk» was reorganized by the affiliation of UE «Airport Minsk-1» as the organizational and legal form, namely the subsidiary. Airport Minsk-1 is located in the southern part of the capital in 4.5 kilometers from the historical city center. This airport is an important and convenient handling center for air traffic flows in the Republic of Belarus. There is a complete infrastructure for international flights handling (a sales agency of aviation operations, a subdivision of the Frontier Force Unit «Minsk» of the Republic of Belarus State Border Committee, an international check point of Minsk Regional Customs, a medical aid station, a consular point of the Republic of Belarus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a subdivision of the Air Transport Internal Affairs Directorate, etc.) at the enterprise.


The Airport Minsk-1 runway has the length of 2000 m, its width is 60 m. The airdrome is usable for handling An-12, Tu-134, Yak-42, other aircraft the maximum take-off weight of which does not exceed 61 tones and helicopters of all types as well.


In 2013 RUE «National Airport Minsk» jointly with UE «Airport Minsk-1»:

- served 2 182 177 passengers (in comparison with 2012 the growth amounted to 18,7%);

- handled 16 585 flights (in comparison with 2012 the growth amounted to 11,0%);

- provided the flights at more than 42 international destinations to the Western Europe, the Near East and other regions.


In 2013 National Airport Minsk mobilized 229,240 mln. BYR of the investment to the basic capital that made it possible to increase the passengers and airlines service quality thanks to renewal of following items:

-    custom vehicles (an airport rescue and firefighting vehicle Impastx6; dump tractor trailer 2 PTS-4,5; skid loader L220; tractor Belarus; crane truck; towbar for aircraft type Boeing-747; snowblower Amkodor 9531-03; vehicle for transportation and loading freights and pallets into the aircraft; ambulance Volkswagen Crafter; hydraulic platform MAZ-5340 with working platform VIPO, etc.);

-   motor transport (2 vehicles MAZ; dual-purpose vehicle PGP27; 2 buses MAZ; 3 cars Volkswagen Caddy; passenger car Volkswagen TOURAN; 3 apron buses MAZ-171075, etc.).